Water For Pine Strawberry
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Water For Pine Strawberry (WFPS)

Schedule of Board Meetings 2017 - verify meetings on PSWID.org
Usually the 3rd Thursday of every month - special meetings are called occasionally.
At 6:00 pm All Board Meetings will be held at: PSWID Office 6306 W Hardscrabble Road Pine, AZ. (If location or time changes, it will be indicated on PSWID.org.)

Water For Pine Strawberry (WFPS) is a advocate group that has been in existence from 2008. WFPS consists of citizens of Pine and Strawberry who are concerned about the water situation and the actions of the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID). Their efforts since their origin has been focused on the reasonable expectations that the PSWID board provide complete and accurate information on their activities to the public, that they spend their neighbor’s money with the same care that they would spend their own, that they operate in an ethical manner and are transparent with their actions.

Water for Pine Strawberry has worked diligently to provide complete and accurate information for this website that it may act as a repository of information (past & present) about the actions of PSWID. We also provide email summaries to the community upon request (sign up below) of the PSWID board meetings and various other workshops, analysis of water issues, and commentary on what has been happening. We are proud of our track record for accuracy and that our analysis has proven itself correct over time.

The ability of citizens in this country to be able to ask public officials questions and to receive an honest answer is a cornerstone of our liberty.